Insurance Brokers Corporation „Protektor”
Private Limited Company West Office

About us

Dynamic development of the newest technologies, increase of their meaning in each area and level of business and expansion of Polish companies and enterprises area of performance have resulted in the increase of risks amounts that business entities are forced to deal with during the recent years... more

Why is it worth working with Us?

  • We prepare complex insurance solutions, strictly adjusted to the real needs and demands of a company, which efficiently secure your businesses in the key areas of performance
  • We optimize the costs incurred by the company from insurance policies,
  • We prepare the project connected with the farther decrease of insurance premiums in the future contracts and agreements

Our partners

Our offer

Taking the complexity of entering into insurance policies, we propose conducting free of charge analysis of all the policies signed in the areas of: covering the significant risks by Your Company, hazardous and unclear loopholes in the cover, the level of financial overburdens in favour of the Insurance Companies and procedures practiced during the loss adjustment. The analysis results are also used to optimization the insurance costs and tightening up the cover in the future insurance agreements.... more

Loss Adjustment

Surprisingly high percentage of the loss adjustment processes run by the Insurance Companies results in a denial of compensation payments or lowering their amount because of different kinds of mistakes made by the Insurers. In the insurance practice, a moment of loss report leads to “invisible” barrier which separates the financial interests of the Insurer and the Insured, who is vulnerable to numerous traps connected with the lack of knowledge when it comes to internal procedures of the Insurer or General Terms and Conditions... more