Insurance Brokers Corporation „Protektor”
Private Limited Company West Office

About Us

Dynamic development of the newest technologies, increase of their meaning in each area and level of business and expansion of Polish companies and enterprises area of performance have resulted in the increase of risks amounts that business entities are forced to deal with during the recent years.

Insurance Brokers Corporation „Protektor” Private Limited Company West Office notably understand all the challenges facing the entrepreneurs. We combine modern attitude to risk management with the 20 year-experience in the insurance protection.

We run our business based on the Ministry of Finance allowance no 498 and since 1995 we have protected legal entities effectively, creating optimal insurance programs, leading current police service and helping with obtaining compensations from Insurers.

As a member and founder, we are very active in organisations of branch autonomy- in Polish Insurance Brokers and Reinsurance Association and Polish Chamber of Insurance Brokers and Reinsurance.

What is more, our company has been honored with the certificate: Reliable Business Partner. It is a significant recognition of our company’s output in the areas such as the newest methods of management and also the demeanour of reliable and responsible business partner.