Analysis of current insurance coverage


In KBU PROTEKTOR, in order to guarantee reliable and professional support in the area of business risk reduction, we offer audit and consultancy services of the highest quality, respecting individual preferences of each Partner. Insurance audit is conducted in order to objectively assess the quality of insurance protection, optimization of risk management, detection of gaps and errors in insurance policy in a given company.

Let us explain

For whom is the insurance audit?

Help from our expert

If you are not sure whether your insurance coverage covers all the risks and whether the policies have been properly configured, we encourage you to contact our expert. We will help you assess the conditions of your current insurance coverage and check whether the insurance costs are not too high.

What does the audit path look like?

The insurance audit is conducted in a well-thought-out and structured manner, with the help of proven methods and analytical tools.

Stage 1


We verify the provisions of concluded insurance agreements free of charge in terms of:

  • formal and legal,
  • degree of coverage of the significant risk for a given enterprise,
  • gaps in the scope of protection,

the level of financial burdens

Stage 2


On the basis of existing policies we evaluate the current quality of insurance coverage, its conditions, scope and costs, in relation to actual risks and needs in your business.

Stage 3


We indicate recommended actions aimed at increasing the quality of protection and elimination of threats, as well as improvement of effectiveness of insurance expenses, including indication of the best available solution. We also create a plan for optimization of costs and tightening of protection in future insurance contracts.

A reliable and professional audit is a foundation for further development and success in your business.