Consultancy of a fire protection inspector


Risk is an inherent part of any business. Cooperation with us consists in creating the fullest possible protection of your business in terms of potential threats to the achievement of your business goals. One of the elements of the KBU PROTEKTOR offer is fire protection assessment.

Professional support

We provide our customers with professional support of a Fire Protection Inspector who will supervise compliance with fire safety regulations as well as technical, construction, installation and technological requirements in a given company.

Lack of fire safety instructions and required fire-fighting equipment and fire extinguishers may mean refusal to insure a given facility or refusal to pay compensation; the same will happen in the case of failure to comply with other guidelines arising from the provisions of the Fire Protection Act, Dz. 2016 item 191, 298 such as periodic inspections of installations, equipment and the building, ensuring safety and evacuation of employees.

Fire Protection Inspector

If you want to run your business comfortably and be sure that in the event of a fire your insurance will be paid out, we recommend that you take advantage of the professional expertise of a Fire Protection Inspector.

It will additionally:

Working with us is about creating the most complete security for your business in terms of potential risks