Loss adjustment

PROTEKTOR after the damage

The service:"Protector after the damage" was created as a protective shield against the increasingly frequent problems with the payment of compensation benefits by insurance companies. We have noticed that a surprisingly high percentage of claims handling processes ends in refusal or payment of an incomplete insurance amount. In an uneven fight with an insurer that is aware of its superiority the injured party has little chance of winning.

Knowledge of procedures

There are all sorts of traps lurking for the insured due to unfamiliarity with the insurer's internal procedures or the General Insurance Conditions. Even a small mistake when submitting the required documents, incorrectly worded statements, incorrectly prepared descriptions of the event, documentation not compliant with TU guidelines, exceeding the deadlines set out in the General Insurance Conditions, and many other reasons may be the basis for rejecting the claim for payment or for understating the compensation.

We have been successfully representing clients in the loss adjustment process for over twenty years. Our experienced specialists, on the basis of elaborated liquidation procedures, help to safely go through the complicated procedures and formalities. Our practice in this field guarantees the receipt of due compensation at the pre-litigation stage.

How do we work?

We guarantee the care of a dedicated specialist from the moment of reporting the damage to the payment of compensation.

All are welcome

We want to support the widest possible group of entrepreneurs. We are open to new professional challenges. You can use the service "Protector after the damage" even if the insurance contract was not concluded through us.