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Loss Adjustment

Service: Protektor after the loss

Surprisingly high percentage of the loss adjustment processes run by the Insurance Companies results in a denial of compensation payments or lowering their amount because of different kinds of mistakes made by the Insurers. In the insurance practice, a moment of loss report leads to “invisible” barrier which separates the financial interests of the Insurer and the Insured, who is vulnerable to numerous traps connected with the lack of knowledge when it comes to internal procedures of the Insurer or General Terms and Conditions.

Lacks in the process of compulsory documents application, mistakes in Statements creation, improperly prepared descriptions of loss occurrence, improperly prepared documents indicating the loss adjustment costs, exceeding the deadlines established in General Terms and Conditions and many more causes that can be the reason of payment denial or lowering the compensation by the Insurer.

Insurance Brokers Corporation „Protektor” Private Limited Company West Office have effectively been representing Clients in the processes of loss adjustment for more than 20 years. Our experienced Specialists based on the well-developed loss adjustment procedures help you to safely go through the each of loss adjustment process. Our practice in this area guarantee you obtaining the proper compensation owing to you even on the stage of pre-litigation activities.

You can use the service- Protektor after the loss- even in case of not entering into contract with the Insurer with our agency mediation.