Our practice


We work with small, medium and large companies in a variety of sectors.

We are happy to support them in difficult situations and disputes with insurers.

We save our customers money

Among other things, we carried out an order to prepare a project for insurance of a vehicle fleet for a transport company. During a meticulous insurance audit we discovered irregularities in the damage certificate issued by the insurer. After correcting the document and conducting negotiations with other insurance companies, it turned out that it was possible to work out an insurance offer with a broader scope of protection and with a total insurance premium lower by approximately 35% than the original one. After free-of-charge management of loss adjustment processes and application of our policy handling solutions, the client significantly reduced its administrative costs in this area.

We have 25 years of experience in the industry

We receive numerous words of appreciation and positive feedback on our work. Clients appreciate our professionalism and understanding of their expectations, as well as our good knowledge of the industry.

Thanks to our efforts, they obtain attractive insurance offers which go far beyond standard conditions, and well-designed and implemented protection programmes are for them the basis for building a competitive advantage of their company. Our clients include companies from many sectors of the economy, such as real estate, transport, construction, health care and manufacturing. Thanks to the specialist knowledge of our brokers, cooperation with KBU PROTEKTOR always results in the improvement of insurance service, adjustment of insurance programmes to the specificity of activity and potential risk and improvement of profitability of investments in business security.

Benefit from our experience and build your company's future on secure ground