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The solution for the increase of company’s motor insurance costs

Our new Client- transport company specializing in the international transport has given us the task involving the preparation of fleet insurance Project used in the area of its business.

The analysis of the insurance loss process conducted in our Office showed that the current Insurance Company because of the mistakes in the loss certificate should correct it in the range of:

  • decreasing and crossing out from the loss retention register
  • crossing out the points of the compensation paid where the effective regresses have been made

Thanks to the verification we have corrected the document that is one of the major source of information when it comes to risk evaluation and premium calculation by the Insurers. It has resulted in elimination of the basis for the overstating premiums for the fleet insurance.

After negotiations with the majority of Insurance Companies, it has turned out that it is possible to develop the insurance offer with the wider range of cover and the lower level of cumulative premium, for approximately 35% from the one proposed by the current Insurance Company.

As a result of the agreement of detailed cooperation procedures with the Client- after applying our solutions in the area of policy service and after accomplishing FOC (free of charge) activities in managing the loss adjustment procedures- we succeeded in lowering the administrative costs of the Client in this area.