Insurance Brokers Corporation „Protektor”
Private Limited Company West Office

The analysis of current insurance protection of a legal entity- auditing

Implementing and using of “insurance” tool in the legal entity activities and performance involves

quite significant risk. That is why, when we enter into agreement with an Insurer, we have to take care and pay attention to a very important issue: mechanisms of loss compensation after occurrence of possible loss chances should be complete and secured. It is possible to obtain it by means of proper construction of the insurance protection cover and negotiations of these records changes in General Terms and Conditions (GTC) that limit the Insurer responsibility. In addition to it, we have to take into account that price we pay for the insurance protection should be the subject of effective negotiations with the Insurance Company.

Taking the complexity of entering into insurance policies, we propose conducting free of charge analysis of all the policies signed in the areas of: covering the significant risks by Your Company, hazardous and unclear loopholes in the cover, the level of financial overburdens in favour of the Insurance Companies and procedures practiced during the loss adjustment. The analysis results are also used to optimization the insurance costs and  tightening up the cover in the future insurance agreements.