Insurance Brokers Corporation „Protektor”
Private Limited Company West Office

Why is it worth working with Us?

  • We prepare complex insurance solutions, strictly adjusted to the real needs and demands of a company, which efficiently secure your businesses in the key areas of performance
  • We optimize the costs incurred by the company from insurance policies
  • We prepare the project connected with the farther decrease of insurance premiums in the future contracts and agreements
  • We implement the prevention of risk management, including all the instructions, trainings and financial support of the Insurance Company
  • We depute appropriate people strictly to the service who will have the role of Insurance Counselor
  • We give the private insurance protection to the Board Members and Directors and Managers with the support in the process of loss adjustment

Our distinguishing features

  • Not only are we creative but also effective. What is more, each insurance solution we adjust to the specification of our Client’s performance with the guarantee of support on each level of cooperation
  • We build long-lasting business relations based on trust, responsibility and loyalty
  • We organize cooperation based on the clear and transparent rules and efficient procedures
  • We effectively manage each process of loss adjustment and thanks to it our Clients receive the appropriate compensation in the possibly shortest period of time